Supporting Units for 1st Battalion 6th Infantry

The following units supported the Regulars during 1970-71 during operations
out of LZ Dottie (BS 627 865)

  A Battery, 1st Battalion, 14th Artillery (A/1-14 Arty) 105 mm Howitzers

     With two howitzers from B /1-14th Arty, A Btry provided support to the 1st Bn 6th Inf from split
positions.  Four howitzers were located at LZ Bayonet (BT 558 003) and four were located at LZ Dottie
(BS 630 853).

     Two howitzers were moved from Dottie to a field position (BT 568 000) on 19 Jan 71 to provide
fire support for an eagle flight by 1/6 Inf troops.

     On 30 April 71, the battery headquarters and four howitzers were located at LZ Bayonet, while two
remained at LZ Dottie.  The other two were at Ha Thanh (BS 385 698) to support 1-52d Inf.

  D Battery, 1st Battalion, 14th Artillery (D/1-14 Arty) 105 mm Howitzers

     D Btry provided support to 1-6 Inf troops with two howitzers at Nui Pho Tinh (Bs 648 936) until
8 Nov 1970, when they moved to LZ Stinson to support 1-52d Inf.

  A Battery, 1st Battalion, 82nd Artillery (A/1-82 Arty) 155 mm Howitzers

     155 mm howitzers reinforced the artillery fires of 1-14 Arty .  Four howitzers  were at Fat City
(BT 440 077) and two were at LZ Dottie until 25 Jan 1971, when they moved to Fat City.

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  D Battery, 1st Battalion, 82nd Artillery (B/1-82 Arty) 8 inch guns

     Two 8 inch guns provided reinforcing support to 1-14 Arty in support of 1-6th Inf  from
LZ Dottie.  On 21 Jan 71, the unit consolidated its 8 inch and 175 mm guns and departed north
to support the Marines.  In April 1971, they returned to support the 196th Inf Bde to the west.

  Company B, 39th Engineer Battalion (Combat)

        B Co., 39th Engr, operated out of LZ Dottie from July to 31 Oct 1970, with the missions of
conducting minesweep operations on Routes HL 524 and 525; upgrade Route HL 525 from the
junction of Route HL 524/523 to Hon Ba (BS 620 013; route maintenance and repair on highway
QL-1 and the upgrade of Route 523 extension.

        The 1st Platoon, Co. B, 39th Engr moved to LZ Minuteman at BS 779 847 on 11 Sep 1970
to begin construction on Routes 521 and 523.

  59th Engineer Company (Land Clearing), 39th Engineer Battalion

     See Lore of Land Clearing elsewhere on this web site.

  176th Assault Helicopter Company -- "Minuteman" UH-1H lift helicopters and
"Muskets" UH-1C gunships. Link to Minuteman Home page.

  178th Assault Support Helicopter Company -- "Boxcars" CH-47 heavy lift helicopters.
 Link to photos of  Boxcars supporting the 1st Bn 6th Inf.  Link to Boxcars Home page.