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Vietnam Military Merit Medal (VMM)


Shown at left is the The Vietnam Military Merit Medal (VMM), the highest military decoration of South Vietnam during the years of the Vietnam War. The VMM medal was the Vietnamese equivalent to the United States Medal of Honor and was authorized to those enlisted soldiers who had performed extreme acts of bravery or had given their lives in armed combat with enemy forces of Vietnam.

     The article below was provided by the sister of SP4 James L. Lopp, KIA on February 8, 1968 at the battle of Lo Gaing. Susie is in the center photo below.  Propped against that photo is the VMM awarded to Jimmy by the Republic of Vietnam.  You can also read the citation for Jimmy's Silver Star Medal in the Heroes Hall.  Just go to his name and click on the Americal Division General Order 1285 from 1968 after his name. 

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