Memories from Victor Girling 67-68


Company A, 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry

The Gunfighters





 Victor "Vic" Girling



Artillery Reconnaissance NCO, 1/14th Artillery, Assigned to Company A Command Group for 14 Months


Out on the town in Nam


This is one of the silly stories that I remember would help me to escape from Vietnam for just a little while.


I can remember when CPT Brennan suggested to the HQ group that each night one person would take us out on the town and must explain in great detail every aspect of the evening. This would include all kinds of things such as describing the type of car we were riding in, the restaurant we would eat in and type of food we were eating and so on and so on. The only limit was our imagination. We would just sit back, close our eyes and let our minds go with the flow. It really was relaxing and even just for a little while I was out on the town having a great time where nothing ever went wrong.


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