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'67/68 Gunfighter Thanks Bill & Ruth Wendover  New
Test of access to 1/6th Daily Journals, we plan to put all available S2/S3 Journals on line over the next few months on the 1/6th site New  Journal for 22 Aug 70
'67/68 Morning Report Extracts
Memories, by Alan Allen '67/68   61 Stories
Memories, by Tom Bush '67/68 
Memories, by Vic Girling '67/68 
Memories, by Norm Boxley '69 
Memories, by Harry Thompson '67/68 
Memories, By Bob 'Doc' Norman '67/68
Joining the Gunfighters by Jim Bertrand 68   
Memories, by Jim Fontana '67/68     
Memories, by Bob Moles '67/68     
The Gunfighter Song, By SSG Ramon H. Gonzales (we think), 2nd Plt., KIA 2/13/68
The Vietnam Military Merit Medal (VMM) SP4 James L. Lopp, KIA 2/8/68
Medal of Honor for Sergeant McCleery,  from 1/6th Infantry Website
Task Force Miracle - Valorous Unit Award, from 1/6th Infantry Website
Task Force Miracle - the Battle for Lo Giang,  from 1/6th Infantry Website
A Report on Lo Giang, by CDR Ken Davis, US Navy Ret.    
Operation WHEELER/WALLOWA, Hill 352 - from 1/6th Infantry Website
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