Memories from Bob Norman 67-68


Company A, 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry

The Gunfighters


Memories by Bob "Doc" Norman, Medic



     Most of the Gunfighters knew Robert (Bob) 'Doc' Norman as one of those great medics, but he had another life in Vietnam. At the 9th Support Battalion of the 198th Light Infantry Brigade  Doc Norman, Dave Crocksdale and Cookie Madison formed a singing group called doc, doc, and dolly.

     In the photo at right are Jackie, Susan, Cookie Madison and Marie, all Chu Lai Red Cross Girls.


     Bob (below left) recalls: Cookie had a beautiful voice to compliment her beautiful face. We had a bunch of fun playing birthdays and such. We played all the officer affairs. Dave Crocksdale (below right) was big doc (about six feet with black hair and a long handlebar mustache), I was little doc, and Cookie was dolly, since she was a doughnut dolly. She had a set of pipes on her and Dave was something else on the guitar and banjo. That's was some of the good time over there.


     We even went to Duc Pho and played for Frank Brennanís Birthday. That was in June 68, I think. Captain Brennan really liked our old Son House and the great Texas bluesman Lightnin' Hopkins stuff. He also liked our Lenny Cohen stuff, although Chicken Hal wouldn't let us play much of that stuff. Chicken Hal thought Lennyís stuff as a little to much on the protest side. (that was Lieutenant Colonel Harold Moore, the Battalion Commander. He was called Chicken Hal for his insignia, not his courage.)

     Bob also reported that they might have made some money if they had been in the world. He hopes to find some more photos of his group in his old Vietnam photos.


Bob Norman
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