Memories from Tom Bush 67-68 with USNS Upshur


Company A, 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry

The Gunfighters




Thank You Ruth!



 Frank Brennan


Company A Commander  67/68


Above, Colonel (then Captain) Francis X. Brennan on right with

1st Sgt. Miguel Rodriguez

At the 2011 Texas Mini Reunion below Joe Gamache, Frenchy Charbonneau, John Carlson and Don Kaiser are shown getting plaques commemorating their service in Company A, 1/6th Infantry, 198th LIB, Americal Division from (Lt.) Bill Wendover.  Wendy's wife Ruth made each plaque by hand.



Ruth had also made a plaque for Frank Brennan and Frank sent Bill and Ruth the following note: ... I was away for six weeks on a fishing trip and than attending very intense conferences with the State Board of Education; moving from a two year to a four year criminal justice program at the college were I teach and Chair the CJ Program. The plaque that you and Ruth sent me is beautiful. I have it hanging in my at home office/den. Your accompanying note was from the heart and means a great deal to me. Harry's, Don's and Terry's notes were also sincere and very much appreciated. I think about you and the Gunfighters often. You, me, Joe and Top were a great team. We were very fortunate to have had men like Don, Alan Allen, Tom Bush, Pic, Terry, Chunky, Harry and so many other enlisted men and NCOs that comprised the Gunfighters. As best as I can determine it was the most decorated Infantry Company that served in the Americal Division and I believe Vietnam. It certainly had more contact with the enemy than any other infantry company in the Americal Division and I believe in Vietnam during 1967-68. You know we are all part of history! In years to come folks will read about the Gunfighters and Lo Gang. Military schools like the Infantry Advance Course and Army War College will study the battle that took place and comment on the tactics used. Joe Bowman and his platoon will be remembered as having saved Company A by not allowing the left flank of the company's advance to be rolled up. Please accept my sincere thanks to you and Ruth. This gift means a great deal to me; your card and the others cards and the "Commanding Gunfighter" inscription on the plaque mean so very much.

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