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Send photos! 

We provide a service that works well, but is very slow. You can send slides, photos and documents and we will scan them and run them through Photoshop CS to bring them back to life. We then send you back the items and a CD with the updated images.

Sending the originals by the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, etc.

Send the photo, slides, copies of documents, etc. to the address below. We'll scan the items and send them back to you. Use Priority Mail or FedEx to be safe. Now comes the hard part. If you send photos/slides please lightly number them on the back or edge with a pencil and send a list of recommend captions that match the photos. Do not spend much time on developing the captions! We can always fill in caption information later. It is amazing how other Gunfighters help out with names, locations, etc.

For 35mm slides - we do not recommend taking your slides to the local fast-photo shop to get them scanned. Scanning slides takes a special scanner that will scan the slides at 3200 DPI or higher. We recommend a larger package over a small envelope. We will send you back your slides with a CD of high quality digital images that you can use and share.

The big concern is to get the photos to us. Once we have them, they will be digitized and preserved from further deterioration, damage or loss.

Larry Swank,
12506 Scarlet Lane
Bowie, MD 20715

If you do not want to mail or FedEx your photos there are other options

Scan the photos:

If you or a friend owns an image/photo scanner, scan the images to create a file. Alternatively, take the originals to a department store, grocery store, or drug store that has a modern photographic counter. For a few dollars they can scan the images and documents and give you one or more CDs with digital copies of the images. Get a price first! Also, many of those stores have walk-up kiosks where you can do the scanning yourself or ask for help. The person at the store may be able to email the files directly to us at - each e-mail must be under 20 MB. You may wish to print this page to take with you. We want large files that are a good enough quality for printing.

Please scan pictures with the scanner set to 300 dots per inch or higher. If you have a really great photo that needs a 1st class restoration job use 400 or 600 DPI. The larger the file the better!

Save the image as:
Photoshop (.psd) – large files that are not compressed
TIFF (.tif) – large files that are not compressed
JPEG (.jpg) - Good enough, but compressed, If you use JPEG use the setting that gives you the largest file.

Use a color-photo setting even for black and white photos. If the image is a little too dark or the color isn't quite right, we can fix that. Our photo restoration process works best with a clean scan. Don’t bother with trying to improve or crop the image. There is no need to do anything to the images. Image restoration is now my hobby.

Send the scanned files by e-mail:

If you have a fast Internet connection send the image file as an e-mail "attachment" Please send just a few image files per e-mail and send the scanned file – not one sized for e-mail or web. Limit the files sent to less than 20MB per e-mail message, an AOL limit on my end.  Please don't send more than a few messages until you get a note back from me that all is going well. Ensure that your e-mail note tells us the name of the people in the photo, location, time of year, funny comment, or whatever you can remember. Do not spend too much time on this. It is easy to update comments on our photo site later and other Gunfighters can help. The e-mail address is:

Mail the scanned files:

If you don't want to use email you may send a CD or DVD by the U.S. Postal Service (addresses below). If you want the media returned, just ask and we will do that. We can also send you a memory card - a little 8 GB memory stick that you plug in a USB port on your computer. Then you just copy all the files to that card and mail it back. Remember to include a note with names, places, dates, etc.

Larry Swank,
12506 Scarlet Lane
Bowie, MD 20715


Poor picture quality?


 Do the photos on our photo site, and maybe other web site pictures, have poor quality? Some of our Gunfighter photos were taken out-of-focus, but most are in good condition. You may need to change settings on your Internet Provider software.

Services like EarthLink Plus, NetZero HiSpeed, and even AOL will use a combination of caching and compression to help speed up the delivery of web pages. Most services allow you to adjust the level of photo compression. A very high compression setting will speed web page display, but will give you very poor photos. On high speed networks even AOL may have photo compression turned on.

If most photos are not sharp we recommend you turn compression off to view the Gunfighter photo site. On dial-up lines this will make the site run slower, but the photo quality will improve.

On fast networks you could also have problems with AOL. On AOL 9.0 click the Settings button on the tool bar. Then click on Web [Internet] Options and turn-off AOL TopSpeed. You can always turn it back on.

If you have another version of AOL, or another service just call their help line and ask how to turn off graphics compression.


      this is not a commercial


     We have selected Smugmug as our photo sharing service.  Here are some features we like and hope that you like:

·         It is cheap and has unlimited storage space for photos – so keep them coming! 

·         On the bottom of the first page ( you can select a name from the  "keywords list" and Smugmug will build a gallery of all the photos for that person. 

·         You get viewer-selected settings so you can pick from 6 presentation styles (try them all).  See the Style: button in the upper right of the screen when you get to the photos. 

·         You can download photos for printing at home, or you can order a verity of prints and other merchandise from this outfit.  If you select download the original photo will download, but this could take a few minutes as most photos are over 1MB.  See the “add to cart” box in the photo display area. Service is good, cheap and fast (e.g., 19 cents for 4x6 prints). 

·         You can add comments to the photos. We will get an e-mail if you add comments, so this is a great way for you to tell us about a photo or to help identify people in the photos that we do not know - we show unknown soldiers in the photo tag line with a (?). 

·         SmugMug is easy to administer – even for us!


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