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 Photos: We would love to get a high quality scanned copies of your photos (as TIFF or large JPEG files) plus a note with a sentence or two about each photo.  Please add the month and year the photo was taken - or at least the year.


     We will also accept a shoebox with numbered photos, dirty 35mm slides and a sheet of paper with notes on each item.  We can clean and scan the 35mm slides.  We can also scan and enhance those old faded photos.  All originals will be returned along with a CD of the finished product.  Click here for mailing instructions and help.

 My Long, Chu Lai, 1967






If you send copies of documents we  will format them for the website.  Please provide the story behind your  document(s). 


At left is overlay #5 from a February 1968 after action report on the battle of Lo Giang showing the position of Co. A platoons around noon on Feb 8th.  


Please see the photo page for help with scanning and mailing information.


You can scan documents, take digital photos of them, or bring them to a reunion.


Souvenirs:  Please do not send any Chicom hand grenades to Alan.  However, photos of those little “inert” keepsakes would be great.  Please send the highest quality images you have.  We will archive that large image and create copies formatted for the web site.  Again, please see the photo page for help with scanning and mailing information.


The stamps at right were taken from an NVA soldier captured in April of 1968 west of Tam Ky




 Stories:  See any photos, documents and or souvenirs that bring back a story?  Get published in our Scrapbook section!

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Until we develop a form to collect contact information, please just drop us a note.  We will not place any address or phone number information on the site.  We will only display your e-mail address with your approval. 

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Time with Company A (Feb 68 - Jan 69, etc)

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