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    Viewing the General Orders:  We are in the process of placing a link to each general order.  When you review the lists above look for active web links in the general orders column. About 20% of the orders are linked so far.

     The award orders have been created to accomplish three things. They needed to be small, easy to print, and be easy to read on most web browsers.  If you are using AOL you are in luck.  The AOL browser will show the orders in their full size.  If you use Internet Explorer you may have to take an extra step to get the orders large enough to read on your screen.

      Internet Explorer will add two control boxes to the order images.  When you move your mouse over the orders the two boxes will display as shown below.  The first is a small control box that allows you to (1) save the file, (2) print the file, (3) e-mail the file, or (4) send the file to your Picture Folder.  The second is a size control button at the bottom that will make the orders large enough to read when you click on it.



A special thanks to Grunt's Military Site for allowing us to use their award images. 

A CD with copies of all general orders will be available in 2007


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