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     The list below is organized by the end-date of the action or service.  Please see the background tab for general information on this project.  See the notes at the bottom of the list for explanations of the abbreviations used in the table.  It will take a few seconds for the table below to display. 


Last First MI SN Grade Award Unit Period End Date General Order (GO) Note
Claverie Richard L   SP4 BS C/1/6 Mar-68 68-1661 Posthumously
Hall Philip A   2LT ACM C/1/6 Mar-68 AD-68-2678  
Segal Jeffrey B   PFC BS C/1/6 1-Mar-68 AD-68-3716 Posthumously
Owens Dewey R   PFC BS D/1/6 Mar-68 68-2019 Posthumously
White Searcy E   SSG PH D/1/6 1-Mar-68 68-4204  
Yamane Benji     SGT BS D/1/6 Mar-68 AD-68-2275 Posthumously
Brooks Daryl T   SSG PH D/1/6 2-Mar-68 AD-68-2271  
McCray Eugene R   PFC PH C/1/6 4-Mar-68 68-4201  
Baxley William J Jr. LTC SS HHC/1/6 6-Mar-68 68-1699 BN CDR
Gomez James     SP4 PH D/1/6 7-Mar-68 68-2192  
Arthur Richard T   PFC BS C/1/6 9-Mar-68 68-1747 Posthumously
Pilier William A   SFC PH C/1/6 9-Mar-68 AD-68-2303  
Crawford William D   SFC BS D/1/6 13-Mar-68 68-1702 Posthumously
Mathes Kenneth P   SGT BS w/V B/1/14 16-Mar-68 AD-68-2863 D/1/6 FO
Thompson Charles R   SP4 PH 1OLC C/1/6 16-Mar-68 AD-68-2330  
Denning Charles     SSG PH D/1/6 16-Mar-68 AD-68-3236  
Estevez Jose      SGT ACM w/V D/1/6 16-Mar-68 68-2758  
Hawley William F   PFC BS w/V D/1/6 16-Mar-68 AD-68-2757  
Hicks Gary D   PFC BS D/1/6 16-Mar-68 68-2081 Posthumously
Livingston William     2LT PH D/1/6 16-Mar-68 68-1815  
Rahm Maurice     SP4 PH D/1/6 16-Mar-68 68-1968  
Shaening James F   SP4 ACM D/1/6 16-Mar-68 68-2877  
Yamane Benji     SGT SS D/1/6 16-Mar-68 68-2065 Posthumously
Hanselman Sterling K   SGT PH B/1/6 17-Mar-68 68-2215  
DeGarcia Danny D   SP4 PH D/1/6 17-Mar-68 AD-68-2322  
West Larry  R   SP4 GCM 1st Award HHC/1/6 17-Mar-68 68-1938  
Gilliland Donald C   PFC PH C/1/6 18-Mar-68 68-2215  
Anello Bruce F   SGT PH D/1/6 21-Mar-68 AD-68-2254  
Arrington Richard A   1LT BS w/V D/1/6 21-Mar-68 68-5918  
Duff Dennis L   PFC PH D/1/6 21-Mar-68 AD-68-2254  
Fazio Michael A   SP4 PH D/1/6 21-Mar-68 AD-68-2254  
Flamion Donald J   PFC PH D/1/6 21-Mar-68 AD-68-2303  
Hartwell Lloyd C   SGT PH D/1/6 21-Mar-68 AD-68-2271 no Jr on this order
Martinez Alvaro M   SGT SS D/1/6 21-Mar-68 AD-68-3406  
Perry Stanley D   SGT PH D/1/6 21-Mar-68 AD-68-2271  
Ramier Hubert R   SFC SS D/1/6 21-Mar-68 AD-68-2477  
Sunley Leonard     SP4 PH D/1/6 21-Mar-68 AD-68-2271  
Sunley Leonard D   SP4 SS D/1/6 21-Mar-68 AD-68-2523  
Sykes Ronald D   SGT ACM w/V D/1/6 21-Mar-68 68-5377  
Aichele Christopher     SP4 PH E/1/6 21-Mar-68 68-1988  
Black Donald     SGT SS E/1/6 21-Mar-68 AD-68-2424  
Bradbury Thomas E   2LT SS E/1/6 21-Mar-68 AD-68-2451  
Causseaux Martin L   PFC PH E/1/6 21-Mar-68 68-1988  
Causseaux Martin L   PFC BS w/V E/1/6 21-Mar-68 AD-68-2450  
Freedmen James P   SGT BS w/V E/1/6 21-Mar-68 68-7440 Posthumously
Gregasavitch Francis J   SP4 BS w/V E/1/6 21-Mar-68 68-4886  
Holland Lewis R   SP4 PH E/1/6 21-Mar-68 68-1988  
Hurd James S   SGT BS w/V E/1/6 21-Mar-68 68-2826  
Koehler William   Jr. SP4 BS w/V E/1/6 21-Mar-68 68-2828  
Noel Thomas E   PFC SS E/1/6 21-Mar-68 AD-68-2753  
Quick Robert E   SP4 BS w/V E/1/6 21-Mar-68 68-3890 Posthumously
Reeves Garland L   CPT PH E/1/6 21-Mar-68 68-2042  
Reinhardt Barry T   SP4 BS w/V E/1/6 21-Mar-68 AD-68-2731 Posthumously
Roberts Dennis R   SGT BS w/V E/1/6 21-Mar-68 AD-68-2413  
Shaw Danny L   SGT PH E/1/6 21-Mar-68 68-1988  
Baxley William J Jr. LTC DFC HHC/1/6 21-Mar-68 AD-68-3358 BN CDR
Yardley Dwight D   2LT PH B/1/6 23-Mar-68 68-2042 Grade & M.I. Wrong
Valdez Julio   Jr. SGT BS w/V D/1/6 31-Mar-68 68-4902  
Ange  Carmello     PFC BS A/1/6 Apr-68 AD-68-2987 Posthumously
Gaines Philip F   PFC BS B/1/6 Apr-68 AD-68-2347 Posthumously
Harris Robert G   SP4 BS C/1/6 Apr-68 AD-68-2348 Posthumously
Hurtado John B   CPT BS C/1/6 Apr-68 AD-68-2707 Posthumously
Madson Robert W   SP4 BS C/1/6 Apr-68 68-2206  
Madson Robert W   SP4 BS C/1/6 Apr-68 AD-68-2371 Posthumously
Majer Charles A   SGT BS C/1/6 Apr-68 68-2208 Posthumously
Reid Daniel F   SP4 BS C/1/6 Apr-68 68-2207 Posthumously
Thompson Alvin D   SGT ACM C/1/6 Apr-68 AD-68-2678  
Dodd  Carl W   PFC PH B/1/6 4-Apr-68 68-2237  
Kehoe Donald J   SP4 PH B/1/6 5-Apr-68 AD-68-3228  
Hume Thomas H   SP5 PH HHC/1/6 6-Apr-68 68-4038  
Willoughby Jesse L   PFC BS C/1/6 10-Apr-68 68-2169 Posthumously
Aikens Carl J   SP4 PH E/1/6 10-Apr-68 68-2237  
Boswell Jimmy R   SSG BS w/V E/1/6 10-Apr-68 68-4894  
Bradbury Thomas E   1LT BS w/V E/1/6 10-Apr-68 68-4895  
Leopard Earnest R   SP4 PH E/1/6 10-Apr-68 68-2237  
Trujillo David A   2LT BS w/V E/1/6 10-Apr-68 68-4893  
McDonnell Joseph M   MAJ BS w/V 2OLC HHC/1/6 10-Apr-68 68-2825 BN Opns. Officer
Smith Gail R   1LT BS w/V 1OLC HHC/1/6 10-Apr-68 68-4904 BN Comm. Officer
Wendover William L   1LT BS w/V HHC/1/6 10-Apr-68 68-4901 BN LNO 
Piller William A   SFC GCM 4th Award B/1/6 11-Apr-68 68-2798  
Stewart Stanley     SGT PH B/1/6 11-Apr-68 AD-68-3228  
Pry Roy F   PFC PH HHC/1/6 11-Apr-68 68-2168  
Andrews Theodore A   SGT PH 1OLC B/1/6 12-Apr-68 68-4941  
Krueger Robert R   SP4 PH B/1/6 12-Apr-68 68-4186  
Lanfranchi Edward G   SP4 PH B/1/6 12-Apr-68 68-4187  
Murphy Edmond J   SP4 PH B/1/6 12-Apr-68 68-4934  
Price William B   CSM BS w/V HHC/1/6 12-Apr-68 68-8307  
Vinson Hardie   Jr. SSG BS w/V 1OLC A/1/6 13-Apr-68 AD-68-2524  
Bandsma Roger H   PFC PH C/1/6 13-Apr-68 AD-68-2322  
Gordon Wallace D   SP4 PH C/1/6 13-Apr-68 AD-68-2303  
Young Charlie L   PFC PH A/1/6 14-Apr-68 AD-68-3522  
Finger Robert J   SP5 ACM HHC/1/6 14-Apr-68 68-3991  
Eggert Russell W   PFC BS w/V E/1/6 15-Apr-68 68-7441 Posthumously
Pavlocak Michael P   PFC BS w/V E/1/6 15-Apr-68 AD-68-2352 Posthumously
Johnson E.  J   SFC GCM 5th Award HHC/1/6 16-Apr-68 68-2166  
Kelly Robert E   SFC PH B/1/6 17-Apr-68 AD-68-2324  
Labarbara Peter S   SP4 ACM w/V HHC/1/6 18-Apr-68 68-6241 D/1/6 Medic
Carrier Ernie L   2LT SS C/1/6 19-Apr-68 68-4909  
Carrier Ernie L   2LT PH C/1/6 19-Apr-68 AD-68-2336  
Christiansen David A   PFC SS C/1/6 19-Apr-68 68-4246  
Kelly Calvin     PFC PH C/1/6 19-Apr-68 AD-68-3229  
Lynch Eugene M   SGT BS w/V C/1/6 19-Apr-68 68-4897  
Carter Otis     SP4 GCM 1st Award HHC/1/6 19-Apr-68 68-1932  
McBeth David J   2LT PH B/1/6 20-Apr-68 AD-68-2324  
Mercer Alvin L   SP4 PH A/1/6 22-Apr-68 AD-68-2573  
Antill Gary E   PFC PH B/1/6 22-Apr-68 AD-68-3228  
Besselman Thomas H   SFC GCM 5th Award B/1/6 22-Apr-68 68-2166  
Bradley Allan F   SSG PH 1OLC C/1/6 22-Apr-68 AD-68-3617  
Link Phoenix     SP5 GCM 1st Award E/1/6 22-Apr-68 68-1932  
Doss James C   SGT PH B/1/6 23-Apr-68 68-6925  
Sykes Ronald D   SGT PH D/1/6 24-Apr-68 AD-68-2573  
Allen Alan W   SGT PH A/1/6 25-Apr-68 AD-68-2616  
Dixon Russell     PFC ACM w/V A/1/6 25-Apr-68 AD-68-5171  
Elmore Gary L   PFC PH A/1/6 25-Apr-68 AD-68-2603  
Heath Kirby G   SP4 PH A/1/6 25-Apr-68 AD-68-2616  
McCleery Finnis D   SFC BS w/V A/1/6 25-Apr-68 AD-68-4898  
Michaelsen Kurt B   SSG BS w/V A/1/6 25-Apr-68 AD-68-5050  
Pohl William A   PFC PH 1OLC A/1/6 25-Apr-68 AD-68-2604 Posthumously
Standing Gary A   SP4 BS A/1/6 25-Apr-68 AD-68-2890 Posthumously
Verbarg Derril W   SP5 ACM w/V A/1/6 25-Apr-68 AD-68-5170  
Thompson Alvin D   SGT GCM 1st Award C/1/6 25-Apr-68 68-1932  
Picarelli Joseph H   SP4 SS A/1/6 28-Apr-68 AD-68-3254 Posthumously
Ohara Steve M   PFC BS w/V C/1/6 28-Apr-68 68-5314  
Ohara Steve     PFC PH C/1/6 28-Apr-68 AD-68-3232  
Carlson John L   SGT PH 1OLC A/1/6 29-Apr-68 AD-68-2621  
Conlon Francis J   SGT PH A/1/6 29-Apr-68 AD-68-2616  
Fegley Mahlon B   PFC PH A/1/6 29-Apr-68 AD-68-2603  
Gordia Anthony V   SP4 PH A/1/6 29-Apr-68 AD-68-2603  
Hall Sherwin E   SSG PH A/1/6 29-Apr-68 AD-68-2603  
Hall Sherwin E   SFC BS w/V A/1/6 29-Apr-68 AD-68-5052  
Leinen Robert D Sr. CPT PH A/1/6 29-Apr-68 68-2843  
Love James A   2LT PH A/1/6 29-Apr-68 AD-68-2591 Get date from other GOs
Philpott Sherwood L   SP4 PH A/1/6 29-Apr-68 AD-68-2616  
Picarelli Joseph H   SP4 PH A/1/6 29-Apr-68 AD-68-2723 Posthumously
Rinehart Alan C   SP4 PH A/1/6 29-Apr-68 AD-68-2644  
Sandlin Billy     PFC PH 1OLC A/1/6 29-Apr-68 AD-68-3270  
Wiles Stephen C   SP4 PH A/1/6 29-Apr-68 AD-68-2644  
McGinley Robert J   SP4 ACM w/V D/1/6 29-Apr-68 68-5248  
Brown Thomas L   PFC PH A/1/6 30-Apr-68 AD-68-2603  
Green Leo      PFC PH A/1/6 30-Apr-68 AD-68-2603  
Sheehan Jack W   SP4 PH A/1/6 30-Apr-68 AD-68-2644  
Bednar Peter     2LT PH D/1/6 30-Apr-68 68-4204  
Estevez Jose O   SGT PH D/1/6 30-Apr-68 68-4205  
Estevez Jose O   SGT BS w/V D/1/6 30-Apr-68 68-6366  
Graham Jerry D   PFC PH D/1/6 30-Apr-68 AD-68-3257  
Grauer Robert W   SGT PH D/1/6 30-Apr-68 AD-68-3258  
Martinez Eufracio C   SP4 PH D/1/6 30-Apr-68 68-4209  
McGinley Robert J   SP4 PH D/1/6 30-Apr-68 68-4209  
Nentwich Russell L   PFC PH D/1/6 30-Apr-68 AD-68-3257  
Walton Terry G   PFC PH D/1/6 30-Apr-68 AD-68-3236  
King Dale W   SGT ACM w/V E/1/6 30-Apr-68 68-6412  
Normandin Duane M   PFC BS w/V E/1/6 30-Apr-68 68-7442 Posthumously
Roberts Danny N   PFC ACM w/V E/1/6 30-Apr-68 68-7561  
Benton Walter L   PFC PH HHC/1/6 30-Apr-68 68-4039  
Kelley William D   LTC SS HHC/1/6 30-Apr-68 68-7812 BN CDR
Spradlin James M   SP5 PH HHC/1/6 30-Apr-68 68-4038  


Notes and explanations of the abbreviations used in the table above:
MOH Congressional Medal of Honor
DSC Distinguished Service Cross
SS Silver Star
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross
SM Soldiers Medal
BS Bronze Star Medal
PH Purple Heart
AM Air Medal
ACM Army Commendation Medal
GCM Good Conduct Medal
VSC Vietnamese Service Cross
w/V Adds a "V" device on the ribbon for Valor
OLC Oak Leaf Cluster--1OLC means the second time awarded, 2OLC means third time, etc.
HQ or HHC Headquarter and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry
KIA Killed in Action
WIA Wounded in Action
    Other awards received by the men listed above include the National Defense Service Medal,  Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, and the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross w/Palm Unit Citation.  Many also earned the Valorous Unit Citation for the battle of Lo Giang(1) in February 1968.




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