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List By Unit - 1967/68

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     The list below is organized by Unit.  See the background tab for general information on the lists.  Please see the notes at the bottom of the list for explanations of the abbreviations used in the table.  It will take a few seconds for the table below to display. 


Last First MI SN Grade Award Unit Period End Date General Order (GO) Note
Strong Michael D   CPT SS HHB/1/14 8-Feb-68 AD-68-3183 DR. Strong, on-site Lo Giang
Delara Franklin V   2LT SS A/1/14 23-May-68 AD-68-3704 Posthumously, B/1/6 FO
Girling Victor D   CPL GCM 1st Award A/1/14 26-Jul-67 68-4482 A/1/6 Arty Recon Sgt
Girling Victor D   CPL SS A/1/14 8-Feb-68 AD-68-2648 A/1/6 Arty Recon Sgt
Johnson Michael J   CPL BS w/V A/1/14 9-May-68 AD-68-8577 C/1/6 Arty Recon Sgt
Maxwell Robert V Jr. 2LT SS A/1/14 15-May-68 AD-68-5397 D/1/6 FO
Maxwell Robert V Jr. 2LT BS w/V A/1/14 31-May-68 AD-68-6988 D/1/6 FO
Poepping Arthur H Jr. SP4 ACM w/V 1OLC A/1/14 9-May-68 AD-68-8323 C/1/6 Arty Recon Sgt 
Swank Laurence C   1LT SS A/1/14 8-Feb-68 AD-68-3032 A/1/6 FO
Bucalo Robert J   1LT BS w/V B/1/14 8-Feb-68 68-6062 B/1/6 FO
Mathes Kenneth P   SGT BS w/V B/1/14 16-Mar-68 AD-68-2863 D/1/6 FO


Notes and explanations of the abbreviations used in the table above:
MOH Congressional Medal of Honor
DSC Distinguished Service Cross
SS Silver Star
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross
SM Soldiers Medal
BS Bronze Star Medal
PH Purple Heart
AM Air Medal
ACM Army Commendation Medal
GCM Good Conduct Medal
VSC Vietnamese Service Cross
w/V Adds a "V" device on the ribbon for Valor
OLC Oak Leaf Cluster--1OLC means the second time awarded, 2OLC means third time, etc.
HQ or HHC Headquarter and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry
KIA Killed in Action
WIA Wounded in Action
    Other awards received by the men listed above include the National Defense Service Medal,  Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, and the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross w/Palm Unit Citation.  Many also earned the Valorous Unit Citation for the battle of Lo Giang(1) in February 1968.


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